Normandy is a historic region which literally means “the territory of the men of the north”. 
Normandy Is also made up of rich and varied counties ‘pays” which offer each visitor something unique.


 HIGHLIGHTS - Guided Tours

The Tours are suggestions. Whether you have been here before or coming for the first time, Contact me I will suggest you propositions of tours by combining different sites or themes together according to your wishes and time you do spend in Normandy.

 D Day  6 June 1944  Battle of  Normandy

6 June 1944,  D-Day, is the first day of Operation Overlord. The Allied landings on the 5 beaches of Normandy marked the beginning of the liberation Europe.
The sites, museums and military cemeteries in Normandy remind us of the heavy price that was paid for Europe to regain its freedom. 
We suggests different tours to understand one of the most important page of History.

 William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror  the most well-known warriors of Normandy. From his birthplace in Falaise to the Conquest of England, discover step by step the life of William and heritage left in Normandy (castle, Abbey, cathedrals... ).The Anglo-norman heritage.

Impressionism in Normandy

“Impression, Sunrise “ was painted by Claude  Monet, in Le Havre in 1872.
Normandy offered an infinite variety of subjects to paint: Norman skies, the coast of Normandy with sandy beaches or the cliff of Etretat,  the Seine Valley. This explains why Normandy  is the birthplace of  Impressionism.
We suggest different tours on the footsteps of impressionists’ painters.

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel, was one of the major pilgrimage place during Medieval times. A master piece of religious and military Norman architecture.

The bay of Mont Saint Michel belongs to Unseco heritage. The tidal range can exceed 14 meters which meams you do have the strongest tides in Europe.



Pays d'Auge

It is a region famous for its countryside,half -timbered houses like in Beuvron en Auge , magnificent churches and dairy products.
Pays d’auge is famous for its cheeses like Camembert or Livarot Calvados, apple brandy.

Lisieux : the capital of Pays d’Auge. The basilica in Lisieux is France's second most popular pilgrimage destination after Lourdes. The basilica was erected in honour of Saint Theresa, who had lived in Lisieux.

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